My Jack White portrait. My next appointment I’ll be getting Meg White on my other leg, except for saying ‘TWS’ it’ll have an infinity sign. “The White Stripes Forever”. Also, white orchids will be added with each one. I am very pleased with the outcome!

Done by Dino Nemec at Fate Tattoo, Columbus, OH


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My first tattoo of medusa. Credit to Justin Hate at Cartel Ink in Fort Worth TX

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done by Nate Pankratz at Area 54 Tattoos in peachtree city GA


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Wito from the Pain Parlor in Port Hueneme, California did an excellent job and they were very hospitable. 

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I got my fight wraps done! Finally! Im a muay thai fighter and i wanted a tattoo of some wraps which mean the hard work and dedication I put into it! It reminds me not to quit and anything I do and it reminds me of my coach and all the life skills he taught me through Muay Thai! It was done by Hari down at Harisumi Tattoo Parlor in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico! If you’re ever down here you should check them out! 

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Done by Kyley at True Blue Tattoo in Queens, New York City she did a great job!

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My first tattoo. I got this tattoo at Wicked Needles, Southampton, UK. I decided to get the skull and cross spanners as I am an Engineer in the Merchant Navy. The Latin words Veni Vidi Reparatur roughly translate to “I came, I saw, I repaired” It took three hours to do. It’s unfinished and I shall be going back there in a few weeks to get it completed. I’m so happy with it. The artist is amazing. 

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My right arm sleeved with Polynesian Art.

Done by my brother in law Bino @ Native Flesh Tattoo

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